Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shakes be gone

Went to Vegas this past weekend. After a great weekend of hanging out, gambling, boozing, and people watching I find myself relaxing at home after a 4 hour drive. The relaxing took some work due to the shakes after that Vegas vacation. I read in a magazine claiming the way to get rid of the vegas liquor shakes is to drink a Merlot on sale. Low and behold, Big William's stars were aligned. The shakes-be-gone bottle of love, Magistrate 2007 from Nappa. It was a solid cheapy Merlot that definetly made me feel normal again. With only a 13.5% content this wine had my name all over it. After the Vegas crazyiness the legs of a toddler worked great. The wine had a dry taste with a hint of fruit, what fruit I had no idea, but I sensed fruit...grapes perhaps? The label was simple with nothing that jumped out at me. The only reason I went with this wine was that the bottle was orgininally 20 bones and I got it for 10. There are better Merlots out there, but I would recommened it in this situation and this situation only.

Until the end of the next bottle...


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  1. So cheap is my style! Off the subject, whats with bottles that say red table wine? Is it too cheap if it doesn't even have a kind?