Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Italy

After work on Saturday the wife and I made our way down to little Italy. We wanted to get some dinner and have a nice low key night out. Nothing better than grabbing a bottle of wine at a sidewalk wine bar watching the crop roll by. The wine, Calistoga Cellars Cabernet 2005. It was a Nappa Valley wine French Oak barreled for 18 months and harvested in October 2005. I have made it, I have officially taught my self how to understand reading the label on the back. On a serious note Amy had visited this winery and that's what made us decide. The wine was a strong 14.9% and was as relaxing as having a mud bath while watching porn. The porn being the funny people walking around in little Italy. Just so happens that the label was a "mature" label and provided another great experience.
During dinner we had a decent Zinfandel, Sextant 2007. Our table came with its own tray for mints because we sat right next to the door. The zin was not as good as the meal. We had an unbelievable eggplant parm type appetizer which was to die for. Then we had two great pasta dishes one with little hats and the other with a sweet meat sauce. The wine was a nice strong Zin, but the food over powered the flavor of the wine. I would definitely try this wine again to give it another chance, but since I am on a quest to try all wines I probably wont see it again.

Until the end of the next bottle...


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