Monday, January 18, 2010


I wanted to prep for our Vegas vacation and what better way than to drink some wine to gain some tolerance. The choice, a Malbec No Bull Red 2009 from Argentina. I went with this choice because I was feeling crazy and in the mood for something new. I haven't tried this type of wine so I was not sure how I would react. The label was subtle and funny with a giant bull on it. The content was a lite 13.5% not providing anything exciting. The label was my first fun label in a while and I wanted to keep my streak of greatness alive. The flavor of the wine was spicy, perfect for the night before a Vegas run. The wine was very young which was to a surprise I have yet to see a wine from 2009 in 2009. The color was dark red, my guess was it was a newer wine. I didn't find anything special about this wine that separated it from the others. The legs on the wine were spread apart and bow legged as if they rode a horse or bull of some type all night long, all night, all night long.... This was probably the closest to bull riding I will get and I'm ok with it.

Until the end of the next bottle...



  1. Do you think this wine is sold in Florida? I would love to get it for my friend for her going away present?

  2. I would check out the larger wine retail stores around town. Argentina is an up and coming wine region. Good Luck!