Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Jersey Part 1

Sorry for the lack of posts let me assure you I am still hard at work. Last weekend I was able to go back to New Jersey for a couple days to see the last Giant game at Giant Stadium along with wine tasting at the original Horne Dome. The wine came after the back door punishment I got from watching the GMEN. The first taste was the Caymus 2007. The Caymus was a great start to the second part of my weekend. The content, a strong 15% alcohol which was a perfect start to numbing the pain in my rear. The heavy content did not have a strong alcohol taste, but a clean fullbodied flavor that held through the drinking experience. I really enjoyed this wine even after my eyes wouldn't work. My eyes were shutting down because of the red eye I took the night prior and had no sleep. Needles to say this was the one and only bottle of the day. Don't be scared there was a whole cellar for tasting and one more long day to go.

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