Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Hanging

Sunday started with a little work, but quickly turned into play time. Amy and I made our way down to World Famous for some brunch. It looked like summer time with the amount of people getting their food on. We were lucky and got a nice spot at the bar with a little bottle of champagne and forks in the ready position. Amy had a carne asada Caesar salad and I went for something new and tried the prime rib hash which was unreal.
The next move on the day of fun was a trip to the gro row. Amy saw this neat little bottle of wine for ten dollars. The hidden gem, Castoro Cellars Syrah 2006. The wine was grown in Paso Robles and had a nice 15% alcohol content. I have yet to have extensive knowledge of this type of wine, but no time like the present. The wine was a nice full red color and for some reason I was getting loose fast. It could have been the combination with the champagne, either way I could do no wrong. The legs were running fast, tight, and thick with no room for cream cheese. The label clean and unexciting. The wine had a less filling feel with an interesting flavor unlike the other wines I have tried. I am looking forward to comparing other Syrah's in the near future.

Until the end of the next bottle...


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