Wednesday, January 13, 2010

With dedication and hard work I was unable to keep you all in suspense regarding a valid comparision of another Syrah. So this is my story, my car broke down right infront of the Mission Valley Bevmo and while waiting for a tow I stopped in and found a nice Syrah. For the sake of education I went one step further and found a ten dollar Syrah with another plain label. The Syrah ready for consumption was Michael Pozzan 2006. After I made the purchase I decided to try my car one more time and walla breakfast, my car started. So lets skip to the hard work. Amy was out for the night so I was home alone with nothing to do. Looking in the fridge I had a left over classic, home made peas and macaroni, vonderbar! I uncorked the evenings work to let it breath while I settled into the couch. I poured the first glass and opened my mind. First off, the Pozzan has a 15.5% content that was a great surprise. Let me tell you about the legs(my favorite), they reminded me of the cunning Carla and long limbs Lenor together as one superhuman sex pot. The Pozzan was similar in color as the prior post, but the flavor lasted longer. Syrah could be my new favorite type of wine.

Until the end of the next bottle....


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  1. I tried finding this wine after you posted it. You made me feel like this was an adventure i need to have. Couldn't find it and was totally bummed! Any advise on newbie red wine drinkers? What should i start out with?