Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thw Main Course

So it was dinner time. My dinner consisted mostly of liquid. The lucky choices were Coastline Cabernet 2008 and Daglia Canyon 2006. The appetizer was a good wine for going the distance. The Coastline provided a decent taste and low content making it a nice social wine. This was the choice for the arrival of guests and watching the train wrecks that were going to a 40th birthday party on the other side of the room. The flavor was nothing great and the legs were like the 300 pound Elvira looking lady that walked in for the Bday party, something you never want to see naked. After a good laugh the food was coming out and it was time to get to business. I switched to Daglia which provided a strong content more appealing to my tastes or lack there of after social hour. The flavor complimented the array of italian foods and the legs were long, dark, and smooth. Dinner was great and the good times rolled through the night heading over to the local watering hole for an amazing after dinner drink, LOUIS XIII. The lighting was not in my favor but, the flavor and experience was the jumblies. It was a great way to end an awesome night!

Until the end of the next bottle….


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pre party

So my brown eye landed at JFK 630am on Saturday morning. This was Amy and my weekend to hangout with family and friends on the East coast. Once we made it home my energy went into hibernation. I was able to open the refridgerator on the way to the couch for a nap. Upon waking up for my monkey nap on the biggest couch I have ever put my keyster in, it was time to get ready for a sushi lunch. With high hopes for Sake bombs and sashimi before an awesome family dinner to celebrate our nuptials, I was knocked on my tush with a BYOB sushi joint in town. The sushi was delightful and tasty and complimented my side of water. Upon return to the original Horne dome I found a new wine for the list, Volker Eisele Cabernet 2005. The wine had a spicy flavor that gave me an initial eyebrow raise of excitement for an awesome time ahead. The 14.8% content made for additional points of goodness. Unfortunately the flavor was minimal and too dry for my taste. This wine will not be on my double up list. There is no need to talk about legs. I was weary of where the night was heading......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here we go again.  So I had a red eye flight back to New Jersey for a 43 hour stint with the lady.  What better way to pregame our trip than to go out for a schmoke and a pancake, or an appetizer and a bottle.  With our bags packed we set off to the land of Little Italy.  We were repeat offenders of the same wine bar from a while ago for which I do not remember the name.  For the sole purpose of relaxing and reaching our zen, the mud pie of Calistoga Cellars Merlot 2005 was written on our tablet.  Straight up 14.1% content was there on my shoulder wispering soft beatiful night time stories.  The drip on the label was from me unable to wait for a glass and taking the juice straight from the bottle infront of the waitress.   Life was looking good for Amy and me until a table of neighbors arrived.  The traveling pants party with the ya ya sister hood was sitting next to us with megaphones on their voice boxes and hate in their hearts.  We were lucky that we were sitting outside because it muffled the cackling band of parrots.  In the spirst of the DoDo birds nexts to us, the wine was extra primo good.  The legs were like pink triangles set to 180 degrees of perfection.  The flavors were aboundant and complimented the choice appetizers.  Needless to say we were ready for the open sky.  Peace be the journey...

Until the end of the next bottle...


Sunday, February 7, 2010

The six step program

Getting back to business I have a bunch of new tastes to share.  I was on a tasting frenzy and the above wines were part of my six step program.  Let me start with the Crane Brothers Syrah 2004 from Nappa Valley.  I really enjoyed the flavor of this one, the 15.5% content was what I needed to keep me warm from the cold and rainy weather outside.  Crane had a heavy flavor and deep color with an orgy of legs running down the sides of the glass. 
Keeping with the Syrah the next taste was Ballentine Petite Syrah 2006 from Nappa Valley.  This was my first Petite Syrah and I was anxious to see the differences.  This wine had a 90 point rating so I wondered if my tastes would be altered by a sticker, it wasn't.  The smell was vacant but had a spicy taste to the lips.  The color was lighter than Syrah, almost baby like.  There was nothing that made this wine stand out from the others in the past.  I would drink this one again with a meat or something heavy. 
Frei Brothers Zinfandel and Syrah both from 2007.  I have not been one to try the same make of any wine so far but something about men and their strong legs got my attention.  They both had 15% content and that always gives me a warm feeling inside.  The flavors were strong and fruitful and the legs of these guys reminded me of mens water polo, constently moving.
Lets get off..the men and talk about the Sangiovese 2008.  What I have noticed so far about this wine is that the content varies.  I have had every rang from Clydesdale to Shetland.  This particular Sany was a Shetland, holding hard at a 13% content but, I wasn't scared.  The wine setting was the night before heading to New Jersey for a short weekend with family.  So I was looking for a nice relaxing evening with the wife.  To me this wine was a simple, easy, and flavorful wine.  I might make a move from my Syrah kick to a Sangiovese crane kick(karate kid style).  So what I am trying to say is that I approve this bottle and raise a case.
Last bottle on this tour de horne is the Pozzan Zinfandel 2007.  I initially grabbed this wine because of prior experience with this maker.  Standing in at 14.9% The combination of the label and the content gave me hope.  Then the lead singer of live came over and sang "lighting crashes."  Thats about all I have to say about this wine.

Until the end of the next bottle...