Monday, January 4, 2010

New Jersey Part 2

Day two started after a nice deep sleep. The morning brought shopping and funny people watching in New York. I forgot what cold felt like but was reminded real quick that winter in the North East requires a jacket. After shopping we had some nice steak sandys for lunch and lounged around. Digesting subsided and my tums was hungry for some liquid tasting time was upon me.
The start to the tasting was something I have never had before, a Bordeaux by the name of Chateauneuf Du Pape 2007. The bottle looked great with raised glass and a nice label with French words that meant nothing to me. With this in mind the only way to comprehend the label was to drink. The cork was opened and the glass was poured. The color of the red was nice and deep. The legs looked like they had a bite to them, but it could have been hair since it is a French wine. Either way the 14.5% made them very tasty in my head. I want to note that the consistency of the weekend was normal "grown up" labels.
The second tasting of the night was yet another first for me. The oldest bottle of wine to date. The wine was Renaissance 1999, a Cabernet Sauvignon I was excited to see if I would be able to tell differences based on age. The differences I noticed once I got into the new bottle was a lighter color red with sediment in the bottle. The taste was a little dry at first unlike anything I have tasted before. The flavor was not as full from start to finish and the legs were close and quick like a Jack-o-Lantern. I will be interested in the future to compare this wine with others close to that year. I will say I feel my preference leans toward heavier alcohol wines. This being said there was a whole wine closet that needed attention.
Next up Barlow 2005 Cabernet. This wine brought me back to what I was used to strong flavor, deep color, and a 15.1% tag on the front. The flavor on this particular wine seemed short and did not last all the way through. It could have been because I was two bottles deep, but I liked to think that it made for a deeper analysis. Looking into the color of the wine I saw a middle of the road red. The legs were those of a floozy- long, strong, and rimmed with red lipstick. No sediment was present and the label as you can see was "grown up". My streak of mild labels continues on. With that in mind I made my way for what I remember to be the final tasting...
...Beaulieu Vinyards Tapestry 2005. The glue on the label seemed to be fresh because it would not stay in place long enough for me to read it. The first thing I came across was the cork which had crystals on the bottom. At first I was a little nervous so I looked on line to explore what that meant. Then I realized I didn't care what it meant and I was there to try it all. The conclusion I came to was it was a form a sediment. So while the bottle was left to breathe I had some other wine that was laying around. This wine was a mixture of a few differnet varieties of grapes. This is why the varietal(could be wrong usage) was Tapestry, instead of Caberney or Merlot. I was interesting in flavor, but my pour was weak and some sediment went in my cup. I think this was also the reason my teeth were red and I had a red mustache. I found this to be the trademark of a solid wine tasting experience. This was the final night of tasting in New Jersey. Let me tell you that I was impressed with the Horne Cellars and anxiously await my next trip.

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