Monday, June 7, 2010

It's a celbration!!!!

Let's get to it folks... this time the drinks were plentiful and the food was prepared by others. So Amy and I bought a house and we had some serious celebrating to do! The itinerary consisted of going downtown and making it happen. The only scheduled event was the reservation at Asti on 5th. We made our way down dressed in Tuesday night’s best and smiles (that was lame) but we looked GOOOOOOD. The night was young and we were empty so we wanted to grab a little snack. We passed Jimmy Loves and were persuaded to come in for appetizers and happy hour drinks. Little did we know that the little troll at the door put us in the dinner section and pulled the plastic slowly over our heads. When we asked for the happy hour specials the waitress went blank as if we had asked why she decided to eat a whole turkey for breakfast this morning. As you can guess we walked out. With our tanks empty and confused about what the F just happened, we strolled over to Croce's. This establishment knew what we wanted....liquid appies! Amy went Champagnie and I went with Carmel Road Pinot Noir 2007. The flavors were awesome, very smooth, and sexy. I may have been diluted with the mere lack of fluids, but it didn't stop me from grabbing another glass. After a couple drinks we wanted to try one more blood bank before our fancy dinner that was set up by our friend Jason. Greystone provided us with our final juice before dinner. The wine was delicious and we were more excited than ever for dinner.   Now it's time for the foods. The apperizamer was an unbelievable buffalo Mutz and Procuitto that melted in our mouths. The fruit that washed it down was a nice Ladera Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, which provided high content, smooth flavor, and lasting compliments to the delicious food. The main courses Scratch Lasagna and a ginormous Ozzo Buco over risotto. This was the perfect celebration meal for the both of us. It was a night to remember, until we has the dessert of coffee with Frangelica and Bailey's which I am renaming the HOT BILL-I-AM drink.