Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting my taste buds back

Yes folks I am still alive.  This Lent thing is really putting a cramp into my daily consumption.  Lets get to it on the rocks or just the standard wine glass.  I had a great date up in the Temecula region of California.  The location was Leonesse Cellars, a very delightful setting for a man date.  The guzzling happened in the barrel room of the winery and was just breath taking.  We had an "in"  so the glasses never went dry.  I focused on one type of wine, RED.  The list was about ten deep and the shakes went away very quickly.  The choices blended together so I cannot give you a quailty critique of the wines for the meer fact that I did not spit any of them out.  I will say this my favorite part of wine, the legs,  made me want to put out my hands, stick out my tush, put my hands on my hips and give them a push.... You figure out where that came from.  The whole experience was topped off by the awesome 2008 Chevy Uplander that provided us with sober ride home.