Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No sanctimonious stories about the genius of rock stars today. I was falling behind and I just wanted to tell you about another bottle of wine I took down. Madrone Knoll 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon a nice treat for a new years eve dinner. The wine I chose was yet another plain Gary label for which had put me on a hot streak. I need to have a bad experience so I can change my pattern. This Cabernet was a good 14.2% content with sultry legs perfect for a midnight kiss, although I was unable to wait that long. Madrone had a long silky taste that held the flavors through my consumption. The color was a light red unlike some of the other 2006 wines I have had. I have nothing bad to say, but I will say that my wife made some unreal Gorgonzola mash potatoes that night. Sorry for the short and sweet but, I need to get to the next bottle.

Until the end of the next bottle....


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