Monday, April 26, 2010


It was another gorgeous day in San Diego. Chef Bill was the headliner again and this time I had some Italian flair in my underoos. After some outdoor activity consisting of coffee which I don’t drink and driving to Pt. Loma for some steamed mussels and clams on the water I was ready to get to business. Our friendly postman brought us a special package of booze again and this time it was Wilson Creek Merlot 2006. I was excited for the package even though the content was only 13.6% forcing me to think I may need a backup plan. The flavors were full and exciting holding the flavors all the way down the hatch. The menu consisted of grilled artichokes with a lemon mustard dipping sauce of which I took a stab in the dark with and let me say I should be in jail because I murdered it. The main course was chicken parmesan over bowtie pasta. Just look at the picture because that speaks for itself. The menu went great with the wine selection, I look forward to more moose blood from Wilson Creek they did not disappoint.

Until the end of the next bottle...


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