Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Shakedown

Easter was another day for the books. I enjoyed sleeping in alone in the beed waiting for Amy to land from her trip home thinking of what delicious foods I was to prepare and what wonderful blood of Christ I will choose to wash it down with. I hit the grorow with a small game plan and huge dreams. The handy cart filled fast with all kinds of delicious treats. I had a master menu in my mind that Tyler Florence would call the Ultimate Easter Feast! This Easter dinner would be so go it would make the ground shake. Sooo lets me get to the rabbit legs and poached eggs of the story. After I groped Amy at the airport the day began. First things first, the "shredded mimosa," which is me squeezing oranges and adding them to champagne, real food channel type stuff. The champagne was nothing to write home about, it was the standard Korbel Extra Dry. The appetizer was the donkey in the jungle, sautéed brocolini and garlic with pan seared scallops. This was so flipping good mother earth had chills, and by chills I mean earthquake. Mother Nature was so excited she almost spilled our shredded mimosa while we stood in door ways. At that point I knew the body and blood was going to be out of this world. After the shake down and champagne we moved to the real deal, wine. The Main course Pietra Santa Sangiovese 2006. A lovely choice for such a beautiful day, the veins on this mofo were suicidal. The 14.7% content went straight to mi Corazon. The flavors ran strong and paired like Russell Crowe in Master and Commander, stiff, long, and strong. The roasted rack of lamb with a spicy mustard peppercorn breadcrumb crust, gorgonzola mash and oven roasted asparagus kicked the crap out of any dinner I have prepared in the past. The day was complete and satisfying. This was a great day for the rising.

Until the end of the next bottle...


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