Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silver Oak Birthday

I hit the 29 mark recently and to celebrate, my lady friend and I went downtown for some shenanigans and good times. We checked into the Hardrock Hotel around lunch time, then hit the downtown scene like the paparazzi in search of some good celeb watching. First stop was Maloney’s where we were the only ones there. Not to worry, we had the help of a 24oz beer and a cheese dip appetizer to grab our attention. Next stop was Henry's, an outdoor spot perfect for people watching. With cocktails in hand and the saddest looking bunch of Brady boys at the table next to us, the watching began. People of all shapes and sizes were running, rolling, and looking dumb as we watched and laughed at their situations. We also had the chance to play a game called, can you finish your beer before this dumb idiot can parallel park her lifted wrangler on 5th, which we won.
The day was moving along so we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. When we got to the room there was a bottle of champagne waiting on ice, just what we needed to keep the blood flowing especially since I almost killed Amy with the exploding cork. All this excitement before the finale of wine, wine, and dinner was a  lot to consume. We went to Croce's for a happy hour couple and some music, but there was no music just some old ass Barbie using a stool for her purse. The wine was good but, I forgot what flavors we had becasue I was using the point and pour method. So here comes the crown jewels, and I'm not talking about my parts and faculties. THE DINNERS!!!! We gots the special treatment when our table choice was ready, the party in front of us had to wait for us to be seated, making us look like high society. Then the awesome bottle of Silver Oak was ready to be cracked. The waiter wet himself when he saw the BYOB selection; I saw the puddle next to the table. The content was only 13.5%, making it a great choice after the 4 beers, a bottle of champagne, and four glasses of wine we had for appetizers. The flavor worked great with the escarGO, Cesar salad, and main courses of Tuna and Filet we had. The flavors of the Oak were marvelous and savory. The wine held its own against the Great wall of China... I mean food. This wine and experience was definitely one for the books.

Until the end of the next bottle....


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