Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hello all.
I saw this subtle bottle of wine amongst the many zinfandels on the rack. The subtle label first caught my eye, then the sale price of $9.99 sealed it. This is another zinfandel from Lodi. As you know I am trying to apprieciate all wines for everything they have to offer. This in mind, let me give you what I taste out of this wine. Zynthesis provides a very smooth taste with a lot of fruit flavor. Although i have no sense of which fruit I know fruit when I taste it. One thing I noticed on this wine is that the alcohol content in 14.8%. This was not as strong as the Plungerhead, but I think I am a fan of these strong content wines. The content I feel provides a bite to the wine that enhances the taste after you drink it.

Until the end of the next bottle....


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