Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pre party

So my brown eye landed at JFK 630am on Saturday morning. This was Amy and my weekend to hangout with family and friends on the East coast. Once we made it home my energy went into hibernation. I was able to open the refridgerator on the way to the couch for a nap. Upon waking up for my monkey nap on the biggest couch I have ever put my keyster in, it was time to get ready for a sushi lunch. With high hopes for Sake bombs and sashimi before an awesome family dinner to celebrate our nuptials, I was knocked on my tush with a BYOB sushi joint in town. The sushi was delightful and tasty and complimented my side of water. Upon return to the original Horne dome I found a new wine for the list, Volker Eisele Cabernet 2005. The wine had a spicy flavor that gave me an initial eyebrow raise of excitement for an awesome time ahead. The 14.8% content made for additional points of goodness. Unfortunately the flavor was minimal and too dry for my taste. This wine will not be on my double up list. There is no need to talk about legs. I was weary of where the night was heading......

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