Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saving Willie

I'm back!  Sorry for the downtime between scribbles, but I was taken down by the devil also known as BEER.  I have been held by the cornhole for a few weeks, until Charlie St. Wine  stepped in and took me back to the fluffy clouds. I wanted to share this great bottle that brought me from the barley ashes and back into the delicious love liquid. I needed something that I have not done before so I chose Beauzeaux Red Wine.  I was drawn to this choice for two reasons the name BOOZOE and the straight hate content of 14+%.  I was unsure what to expect I usually go for distinct flavors but the orgy of fruits and flavors made sweet love in my mouth.  Needless to say by the end of this bottle I felt like the label. This was an awesome rebirth back into the greatness that is WINE.  Be ready for more.

Until the end of the next bottle...


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