Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wine Weekend Part 2

Day two brought sunny skies and a wide range of flavors both liquid and game.  When the bounty was collected the consumption began.  The menu consisted of Seared Ahi Tuna and eggplant bruscetta for starters, followed by fresh halibut from Point Loma.  The first taste on our journey down liquid highway was a recommendation from Rasta Man Mikel from San Diego Wine Co.  This hairy bean bag thought a 2007 Guarachi Cabernet from Napa would be comparable to the Caymus....that man spent too much time living with the Kebbler Elves.  The flavor was not as smooth and did not posses the greatness of its competition.  The content level was the only thing that went above Caymus standing in at 15.2%, making it a great start to the evening.  Needless to say we crushed that bottle to make our way to the next one, Red Wine from Orin Swift called The Prisoner.  The 15.2% content and smooth flavors had me chained to the wall like the time at Madame Molly's house of Pleasure with a leather mask, nipple clamps and hot wax.  This bottle was awesome and "swiftly" took top honors for the day (thanks for the memories).  After having my butt smacked by a studded paddle we needed something to bring us back to reality.  Trefethen 2006 Cabernet was just the wine to calm our blood.  The flavors seemed great and the content was soso complementing the other choices.  This being said I have no remembering of the last wine and I would love to give it a fair chance in the future. 

to be continued....


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wine Weekend part 1

I am about to fill you in on a little action that happened on this long ass weekend with the 'rents.  There was so much action so there will be several steps on the road to recovery.  I could have to fill a bathtub with the amount of wine consumed, but that would be a waste of taste and weird for my parents to see me in a bathtub.  So I'm going to give you some of the weekend selections we dabbled in... try not to wet yourselves.  Thursday was touchdown day for the 'rents an we did not waste time.  We hit Greystone in the gaslamp for the welcome dinner.  The  food was great, but the booze was the cooze.  The bash brothers of Silver Oak and Caymus escorted us to dinner like two porn stars on our arms(one male, one female to cover all sides).  The Caymus fluffed us up on some very strong content with an amazingly smooth feel.  The finish of every sip was better than the last making me turn Japanese.  For documentation purposes Caymus 2007, 15% of pure destruction; smashed and mixed in Nappa.  As if that wasn't enough we hollowed the Oak with purpose.  It was a nice Silver Oak 2004 giving us a sensual back rub after our down and dirty Caymus sesh.  The Oak was on the dry side with a good bite on the finish making my mouth glued to the glass forcing me to have wine vision.  This was an awesome start to a great weekend ahead.

to be continued..........